The Humanlinks Team

“Humanlinks” is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization, which is active in the field of mental health, developing psychosocial support, awareness and training programs on mental health, education and environment.

It was created in 2018 by a group of people who envision and desire through its programs to bring a new and honest discourse on contemporary issues that concern humanity and communicate them to the wider community.

The original idea of Humanlinks emerged 16 years ago, from a group who were tested on mental health issues and through their experience of personal transformation they gained awareness and knowledge of what people’s priorities are now, in these difficult times.

The treatment programmes and the way of approaching Humanlinks were based on the concept of self-help and mutual support of the members under the guidance and supervision of mental health professionals. The concept and practice of self-help does not mean cutting off and discontinuing any clinical or other type of professional support when it is needed to manage symptoms. Self-help means distinct roles and good relationships with health professionals and services, which can be used whenever the need arises. It means cultivating and educating in the right to be well informed and involved around the treatment modalities suggested, having every choice in their management. It also means the “decolonization” of each personality, which socially have been identified with the disorders and their symptoms by maintaining and reinforcing the stigma.

Our organization works in a sectoral way and our programs are initially developed in the area of Acropolis, Koukaki and Plaka. In this way, through the appropriation of the programmes by the residents, we achieve their mobilization and their effective participation in them, creating a similar atmosphere.

In this context, close links and collaborations are created between local and state institutions, such as the Municipality of Athens, Educational Institutions, Cultural Centres, Institutes, the Archaeological Society of Athens, the Acropolis Museum, etc.

Since 2018, it organizes workshops and open events throughout the year as well as annual monthly mental health festivals. Included are areas that can be preventive in this regard as well as enhancing and supporting, such as human relations, school community, well-being and nutrition, environmental issues, mindfulness, scientific and other topics.

Our philosophy is guided by principles and human values, which we believe can be a shield of protection and empowerment. Through connecting community residents, a chain of links is created to raise awareness and educate them in a rapidly changing world.