The Humanlinks Program “January – April 2022” this year has the theme: “Serving the Human Being, the Community and the Environment” and includes scientific lectures, personal story sharing, street art events, photography and art exhibitions and other online and in person activities as long as the season and the measures allow it.

The topics covered for each month are social and school gender violence, the expression of parenthood in different types of families, self-care and community in times of crisis and finally the internal connection of the community with the environment through art.

Scientists with great research experience will inform and clarify on issues for which there is a social desire for a deeper understanding. Experienced professionals who have dedicated themselves to their work for the benefit of the individual and the community will inspire. Individuals and families will be moved by their experiences towards a more beautiful and free inner state and experience which is characterized by respect, acceptance, solidarity and other noble feelings. Finally, artists will raise with their art a little higher to look human again as a whole. How he lives and moves and how he interacts in a wonderful environment that invites him to remember who he is and to re-associate with him in a purer and non-violent way

For more information, clarifications or even technical support to connect with each event please send to email: or via messenger on the Humanlinks Facebook page.
Any comment on the improvement of the Programs is legitimate and will be highly appreciated.

It is reminded that all events are offered free of charge by all participants without any financial contribution from the public

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